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The Communication Process

According to Rob Thomas, video creator of the “Debunked Pixar Theory” , “The Pixar Theory is filled with major flaws.” “The original cause of the theory is to exercise your imagination,” according to Jon Negroni, the creator of The Pixar Theory. Thomas speaks upon how far fetched many of the ideas about the theory actually are and how many of them don’t actually make sense. Leading to useless effort exerted towards creating those connections. Thomas speaks upon the ridiculous connections that Negroni made due to lack of factual evidence connecting the clips and timeline.

After critiquing Negroni, Thomas went forward bashing all of the connections made throughout and the timeline posted for the base of this theory. Thomas calls the information false and ridiculous and uses the example of how there is no way any connection could be made between the Witch from Rapunzel and the AI that exists in The Incredibles. Somehow Negroni was able to loosely connect all Pixar’s movies in a sequence and Thomas cuts the ties between all of those strings.

Robert Thomas bashes the mindset of many of the characters, especially the AI from The Incredibles. He states that, “ It’s not the robot’s fault that Syndrome made it smart enough to think that he might be a threat.” Using this common sense knowledge to debunk the idea of the power behind the AI unit itself. After arguing the fact that the theory pushes the struggling relationship between man and machine, Thomas brings up the idea that it would be easy for a toy to just kill its owner while they slept if the toys were that mad at their owner.

Using the example from Wall-E, The Pixar Theory believes that machines follow human behavior and traditions, while Thomas thinks there would never be a reason for humans to create a line of cars to have tongues. Retracting the audience’s full connection to the cars. Thomas clearly believes that the audience doesn’t truly have the ability to connect to the machines in the Pixar films.


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