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Empirical vs Normative

In The Pixar Theory Debunked! empirical observations of the audience comments provide examples of how Pixar themselves actually denied the theory. I looked at the comment section regarding the video and saw comments such as Not a Doctor saying, “Even Pixar themselves said that the theory is bullshit!” This can be expressed as empirical because the company Pixar explained that the theory is false. These comments don’t cite the proof from Pixar, but with research you can find the truth. The Pixar director came forth and spoke upon the theory. This would supply the comments with factual evidence supporting the comments

Viewing the media responses to the video you can see the comment section rave about how many likes the video has compared to dislikes. Based on the responses it can be assumed that many people dislike this theory. That can be shown by the continual comments saying “I hate the stupid Pixar Theory.” The audiences are observing the overall concept of the video and comparing it to other sources, which surprises me because I wasn’t aware of how well versed this theory seems to be. A comment from Jeres Jolly reads, “Dang look at that dislike bar. This is going to be a treat, I hate the stupid pixar theory. Though the dislike the theory, it was only meant to be a fun imagination skit. People bash the theory continually to this day.

The normative responses would be more described as subjective viewpoints. Looking at the audience reviews in the comment section, there is no hard evidence that would support the comments. For example, a comment from MikeHawkHurts, “I just think they’re easter eggs. I don’t really think they’re all in one universe and all connected.” This response has no data to backup his opinion of saying all of the parts of The Pixar Theory are easter eggs. Providing me with reasoning that the responses are just subjective opinions and not empirical at all.


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