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Tonal and Talent Ingredients

The Pixar Theory Debunked! Speaks upon how the theory that all Pixar movies are connected could not possibly be true. Robert Thomas talks about all the countless flaws that theory does have. He talks about examples such as how Ratatouille was created from the concept of animas being able to communicate like humans from the movie Brave. This is one of many concepts debunked by Thomas and his nitpicky ways he goes on to say. He continues to explain how the theory is impossible and goes through each example in the original article presented and released about The Pixar Theory. 

Robert Thomas, the creator of The Pixar Theory Debunked!, uses many tonal and talent ingredients throughout his video. He uses clarity in ways of presenting video clips and the audio that plays along with them. The recording of these clips and the presentation of them as well shows the clarity presented in his video. Cutting the clips himself gives him productional control over his work. Thomas uses execution in the way that the videos are perceived by the audience. The audience members need to have previous knowledge of the topic of The Pixar Theory and have at least seen a few Pixar movies to have a better understanding of this project. Thomas talks about continuity throughout the films by explaining the connections that are supposed to be. The way that he debunks the theory by disagreeing with the idea that all the movies are connected and that they are connected all across the board. 

When looking at Robert Thomas’s video there aren’t any main actors or narrators throughout. It appears to be just a clip of a man explaining his point of view. He wouldn’t be considered an actor because this isn’t a role of a person he is playing. He would also not be considered a narrator because he is visually speaking on camera. Comparatively whereas a narrator constructs the background information and not the dialogue.


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