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The Pixar Theory is held together by many different production elements. They are actually the main contributor to the idea behind The Pixar Theory. The Pixar Theory consists of the connection between all of the Pixar movies. Each movie is connected through a specific production element. The animosity of the characters between many of the films are connected through duration. The theory is represented through the duration of a timeline that plays throughout real life. Throughout the duration of this timeline we can see that each Pixar film takes place on that timeline. The first film to start off would be Brave. Brave starts out the duration timeline with the old ages and creates the concept of relation from animal to human and human to animal. This is then portrayed with the Ratatouille with the concept of a rat who is the best chef at this restaurant. The trend continues to follow through the idea that each film on this timeline where the duration starts way back when and is following us through our timeline. Overall the duration of the timeline helps create an entire story that ends up being pieced together instead of those separate pieces. Each Pixar movie is a piece of a larger story and that larger story is on this timeline and has a beginning, but the end is still yet to come as Pixar movies are still being released. 

Many production elements are retrospectively used throughout all of the Pixar movies, but it comes down to are they being used to represent The Pixar Theory. Unfortunately not many of the elements themselves do connect the separate films together because they reside in a specific film. Each film does include at least one production element. For example, commonly throughout the film UP! we see zoom shots of the dog Doug’s speaker that resides on his collar. This proves that the production element of a zoom shot is used, but unfortunately it does not tie the films together. 


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