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Business Gratifications

If I was in the control room with the crew, I would choose not to cut the scene. The members of the control room take orders from the director. In this case the director chose to intervene on live tv. I would let the director finish his spiel regarding his statement on what the show has come to. The director has come to a point where he has realized his audience isn’t getting new content. The director has probably seen that the ratings have gone down. According to Peter Orlik, “The rise and fall of these numbers are specific benchmarks of business gratification or gratification absence, they contribute to the making or breaking of programs, formats, delivery systems, and individual careers.” (Orlik 184). These ratings are extremely important and during this specific online scene the director could see the plummet. The amount of people that probably streamed his video of him being interrupted most likely went viral. 

In conclusion, if I was in the control room I would choose to keep rolling. The director obviously knew what he was doing. Should he have interrupted? In my opinion, no I think there are many alternatives to finding a solution to change the pace of the show. Looking at the rating from his show the director made a smart decision in changing things up. Being in the control room I feel as though I would’ve looked at the decisions and waited to see the effects before shutting it down. In the beginning when the director first stepped on stage everyone in the audience started to laugh and remained laughing throughout the speech. Overall, creating higher ratings and bringing the audience count up. This for me would predict higher scores for the future. In the end, the director made a make or break moment on his show and the outcomes came to benefit him. 


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