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Moral Duties

Two moral duties that appear in conflict with one another in regards to The Pixar Theory would be Objects of Moral Judgement and Financial Supports.  These two duties are directly tied when it comes to Pixar films. Objects of Moral Judgement reflects the audience that comes with the Pixar films. With effects of the impact that The Pixar Theory  may receive the Financial Supporters can be altered. These two are seemingly privileged duties linked by a chain reaction. If the Objects of Moral Judgement are impacted positively then Financial Supporters increase supplying more money. If a negative impact occurs then the Financial Supporters will decrease not only their funding, but support.

 Objects of Moral Judgement emerge from the story of The Pixar Theory because The Pixar Theory is a reflection overall of The Pixar movies. This can be seen because when watching all the Pixar movies you can see the easter eggs. Audience members caught on which resulted in the impact of creating The Pixar Theory. Financial Supporters emerge with every Pixar movie that gets released due to the high counts of popularity on Pixar itself. Due to the popularity of not only children the more information regarding Pixar that is released the amount of Financial Supporters will also increase alongside. This can be seen by the countless views and attractions that The Pixar Theory website receives daily and the amount of critic videos, articles, etc. listed all over the internet. 

 A moral conflict that arose with the creation of The Pixar Theory would be the truth leading to a decrease in Financial Supporters. This was created because many audience members didn’t see that the connection between all Pixar movies was real. There are many arguments that still exist today, but it is hard to truly believe or not if The Pixar Theory is actually true.  Overall,  Financial Supporters will continue to take interest in Pixar because of the popularity in children and adults. More stocks equals more money. 


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