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The Pixar Theory Original Media Critque

The Pixar Theory is a “ working narrative that ties all of the Pixar movies into one cohesive timeline with a main theme” (Negroni) The Pixar Theory  was created in an attempt to keep imagination alive through a fun exercise.The movies involved in The Pixar Theory all have connecting themes to each other such as how animals have similar behaviors to humans.

Negroni took a chance and really developed a complex theory on how all the Pixar movies are a part of the same universe. A receiver critique is present in The Pixar Theory because of the intent of Jon Negroni, the creator. The point of this theory is to exercise your imagination while simultaneously finding interesting connections between these fantastic movies. Understandably, Pixar continues to shine in all areas of complexity.

Negroni started his four part adventure into the Pixar universe starting out with an overall theme of animals having human-like characteristics. Interpreting The Pixar Theory  in relation to the inheritance effect, you can see the continuum of the attraction that children perceive. The audience is key to the movies, and even though the directed audience is children, due to the complexity of the theme many adults will continue to watch along and continue to watch as new Pixar movies come around. The targeted audience of Pixar movies is children, but the targeted audience of The Pixar Theory is teens and young adults. The audience flow of Pixar movies will continue to expand as more people become more immersed in them.

[Source: Jon Negroni © 2021]

Pixar is still releasing new movies to this date, and somehow they manage to tie into this theory everytime. More and more people are enjoying the new movies that are coming out but there are still few who don’t. Many critiques do exist on the internet completely bashing his idea, but those critiques come from adults who don’t believe in true imagination. “Several generations of children have now grown up watching and re-watching Pixar’s most iconic movies.” (Wilkins)

[Source: Jon Negroni © 2021]

Similar to Pixar, Disney took the same approach at connecting many similar features including cameos, easter eggs, and themes. Though Disney  is hand drawn animation, while Pixar is 3D animation, the resemblance of complex themes is the most popular technical aspect of creating theme movies. Both companies have led connections throughout their masterpieces with matching themes and easter eggs throughout. Separation regarding gender is one the largest differences present with Disney presenting more female and Pixar presenting more male oriented.

[Source: Jon Negroni © 2021]

Overall, Negroni wanted to create something fun for people to get involved with in regards to Pixar movies. The audience plays the biggest role in The Pixar Theory, by keeping up with their habits of continuing to watch Pixar movies as they continue to grow up. Pixar movies are for all ages and acceptable for anyone to enjoy. Disney and Pixar have been both popular for many years and will continue to be popular for many more years to come.


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