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The Pixar Theory Original Media Critque

The Pixar Theory is a “ working narrative that ties all of the Pixar movies into one cohesive timeline with a main theme” (Negroni) The Pixar Theory  was created in an attempt to keep imagination alive through a fun exercise.The movies involved in The Pixar Theory all have connecting themes to each other such asContinue reading “The Pixar Theory Original Media Critque”


Tonal and Talent Ingredients

The Pixar Theory Debunked! Speaks upon how the theory that all Pixar movies are connected could not possibly be true. Robert Thomas talks about all the countless flaws that theory does have. He talks about examples such as how Ratatouille was created from the concept of animas being able to communicate like humans from theContinue reading “Tonal and Talent Ingredients”

Empirical vs Normative

In The Pixar Theory Debunked! empirical observations of the audience comments provide examples of how Pixar themselves actually denied the theory. I looked at the comment section regarding the video and saw comments such as Not a Doctor saying, “Even Pixar themselves said that the theory is bullshit!” This can be expressed as empirical becauseContinue reading “Empirical vs Normative”

The Communication Process

According to Rob Thomas, video creator of the “Debunked Pixar Theory” , “The Pixar Theory is filled with major flaws.” “The original cause of the theory is to exercise your imagination,” according to Jon Negroni, the creator of The Pixar Theory. Thomas speaks upon how far fetched many of the ideas about the theory actuallyContinue reading “The Communication Process”

Role of the Media Critic

Jake Indiana represents the bridge building responsibility of media criticism. He wrote his article ranking all the “Super Bowl,” halftime shows. Indiana started his article with the ever so time changing halftime show performed by Michael Jackson. From there on out, he continued to rank the halftime shows from previous years in worst to best.Continue reading “Role of the Media Critic”