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The Pixar Theory Original Media Critque

The Pixar Theory is a “ working narrative that ties all of the Pixar movies into one cohesive timeline with a main theme” (Negroni) The Pixar Theory  was created in an attempt to keep imagination alive through a fun exercise.The movies involved in The Pixar Theory all have connecting themes to each other such as…

Moral Duties

Two moral duties that appear in conflict with one another in regards to The Pixar Theory would be Objects of Moral Judgement and Financial Supports.  These two duties are directly tied when it comes to Pixar films. Objects of Moral Judgement reflects the audience that comes with the Pixar films. With effects of the impact…

Structural Analysis

The Pixar Theory explains that all the Pixar movies are connected in many ways. The stories and main themes of the movies are connected. The Pixar Theory suggests that there is a specific order to all the movies and they connected from beginning to end in ways such as easter eggs. One common archetype is…

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